Jazz Trio - Guitar - Bass - Drums - Video & Audio Clips

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This new trio features myself (Pro Guitarist Resort Regular), Bruce Wallace (Bassist for the Sarasota Jazz Project, and several other professional Jazz Club Bands in the Sarasota Area), and Scott Blum (a regular professional percussionist in the local jazz and orchestra scene). This project was formed because of the fun and love of performing this style of music with good friends. We are a new group of seasoned pros who enjoy performing music, and will help you create the perfect atmosphere for your parties or dinners. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me anytime!

Video: Bruce Wallace/Bass, Scott Blum/Percussion

Here are a few classic audio clips of my trio
(Gil Katz/Bass, Aron Nix/Drums)

Cherry Pink

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Coming Home Baby

Jamaica Farewell

Moon River

Peter Simms 2014